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Our Design Department has expanded dramatically in the past few years to meet the growing demand for Anamosa Limestone. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our clients. No matter the size of the project, we appreciate every customer and treat them in the professional and respectful manner that they deserve.


Cuts Available

Bedface Cut Veine Cut

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Bedface Cut [X]

Bedface (Natural Bed) is the cut parallel to the stratifications, or layers. Specialized interior stones are cut from the Fleuri bedface layer, which is the 'premium' layer of the Bedface cut. The finishes available for the Bedface cut are sawed, sandblasted, smooth, honed, polished, and polished/filled. Also, for a more natural look, Natural Bed or our standard flagstone is often used. Edge finishes are available including smooth, honed, polished, beveled, bullnosed, handfaced, splitfaced, and more.

Veine Cut [X]

Veine is the cut perpendicular to the stratifications, or layers. This creates a wonderful visual effect of the various tones of the stone's veins. The finishes available for the Veine cut are sawed, sandblasted, smooth, honed, polished, and polished/filled. Our standard veneers are created from this cut with a spitfaced finish. Other edge finishes available include smooth, honed, polished, beveled, bullnosed, and more.

Natural Bed Finish [X]

Natural Bed is a natural, irregular finish that is created by the natural cleft between the layers in the stone (Bedface only).

Smooth Finish [X]

Stone is smoothed by machine or by hand, leaving a flat, finished surface (Bedface or Veine).

Sandblasted Finish [X]

Sand is air-blasted onto the stone's surface, creating a porous finish (Bedface or Veine).

Splitfaced Finish [X]

Stone is split with a hydraulic cutter creating a rough perpendicular surface (Veine Only).

Handfaced Finish [X]

Stone is shaped by hand with a chisel creating a natural, slightly-convex surface (Veine Only).

Physical Testing Data of Anamosa Dimensional Limestone[X]

The following report represents the physical testing results of dimensional stone conducted by Twin City Testing Corporation (St. Paul, Minnesota) using ASTM procedures. If you would like itemized testing results, please contact us.

ASTM C97 ASTM C-170 ASTM C-99 ASTM C-880
Absorption, Bulk Specific Gravity and Density Compressive Strength Modulus of Rupture Flexural Strength
Average Absorption % Average Bulk Specific Gravity Average Density, lbs/ft3 Average, psi Average, psi Average, psi
7.5 2.15 133.8 10,550 1,140 930


There is virtually no limit to what we can create for you with our stone. From benches to fireplaces to countertops, we can do it all. We have both Anamosa Limestone and Indiana Limestone available to meet your design needs.

Custom Applications Photos

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At Weber Stone Company we have a full service staff specializing in all your engraving needs. We also have on site engraving if needed. Our ability ranges from small address stone and boulders to large commercial signs. If you can dream it we can engrave it.

Engraving Photos

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